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My ad1 Apple Hill Christmas Tree FarmsFirst off let me start by wishing you Happy Holidays and thanking you for visiting my site about what Apple Hill Christmas tree Farms to visit and my experiences in Apple Hill. Living in Northern California we are spoiled with having so many great and beautiful places right out our back door. One of those places is Apple Hill. Visiting xmas Tree Farms after Thanksgiving is truly a very memorable family experience you and your kids will never forget. All Farms open the day after Thanksgiving and are open until Christmas Eve.

Apple Hill is located 45 miles East of Sacramento on Highway 50 and is very easy to find on a map. Just above Placerville (the little town with the stop lights on the freeway) haha. Its important that before you plan a trip up to this area that you check the weather and road conditions. Its not unusual for snow to fall in Apple Hill so be sure to drive the proper vehicle. Don’t let snow be a worry however it will simply add to the Christmas experience if your lucky enough to visit while snow is on the ground. Along with being prepared for the drive also be sure to bring a coat and some shoes or boots you wont mind getting a little dirty because you get to choose and cut your own Trees in the Camino area.

Finding and cutting your own Christmas tree is most definitely nothing like going down the street to the parking lot Tree Lot where all the trees were cut a week or more before and haven’t been watered and most of the pine needles are already turning brown. You know the trees im talking about. Just imagine how great this family tradition will be. Going out to a forest of fresh planted xmas Tree’s, Picking the perfect tree that will fit your home and being able to get your hands a little dirty and cut your own tree down. If you don’t wanna be a lumber jack don’t worry because almost all the christmas tree farms in Apple Hill will offer to cut the tree for you, bag it and even tie it down to your roof for you if you wish.

Enjoying Christmas in Apple Hill isn’t all about just getting a Christmas tree though. Many of the Tree Farms offer great Christmas activities for the kids and have nice warm cups of hot chocolate or some world famous apple cider waiting for you. Make coming to Apple Hill a fun filled memorable day. Oh and if you get a chance be sure to try the fudge and freshest Apple Pie you have ever had!!

Ditch the old fake plastic tree

We all know someone who sets up a plastic tree during the holidays because of its convenience and clean qualities. Some people even think plastic trees are saving the environment!!

Can you believe that?

Actually the process of making a Plastic tree is hundreds of times worse for the environment.

Christmas tree farms in the United States are currently growing nearly half a billion xmas trees! Consumers who prefer real trees snap up 35 million of them annually.

Those who own plastic trees say this is deforestation…
Some ask how eco friendly is cutting down this many trees?

Very actually! Usually, for every tree cut down, 3 seeds are planted in its place at most christmas tree farms. These farms across the United states grow their trees for a specific purpose. Most farms especially Apple Hill Christmas tree farms, would prefer to say their trees are “Harvested” not cut down.

Ditching the fake tree and heading out to a Traditional tree farm also provides support to the local farmers and economy.

To top it off a real tree is 100% recyclable. More than 4,000 centers across the country lie in wait for January, when they turn the trees into mulch or sink them in lakes to prevent erosion.

Plastic trees are far more harmful for the environment and you! Government agencies have said that some may contain lead, and the Washington Post reported on unsafe working conditions in the Chinese factories that produce them. Even with this news reported, that still hasn’t slowed the artificial-tree business. America imported around 12 million fake trees from China in 2006, almost half a million more from the year before.

Knowing that now I hope you will ditch the fake stuff and head outdoors, to spots like XXX in Apple Hill CA. Each holiday season, The farms haave hundreds of Apple Hill Christmas trees primed and ready for you cut! Families gather together, get their coco or cider and become true lumber jacks themselves as they head out into the pine scented fields to choose the perfect size and type for their home from Thousands of trees.

For XXX and most Apple Hill Christmas tree farms, the tree-cutting season runs from the end of November to just a few days before Christmas.

Do your family and friends all a favor and get together and all come get Apple Hill trees this year and trade the fake harmful plastic stuff for a beautiful fresh tree from the foothills that will fill your home with that fresh holiday aroma and put a smile on the whole families face!

Top tips for picking a tradition tree

Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree

Choosing the Perfect Christmas tree

So you have decided to come to apple hill for Christmas but you wanna make sure apple hill farms grow the kind of tree your looking for and just how to pick out the perfect tree.

Most every Apple Hill Growers has a variety of very popular trees and some even have a few kinds maybe you have never heard of. Here are a few of the trees you can expect to find at most Christmas tree farms here; Douglas Fir, Nordmann Fir, Noble Fir, Blue Spruce, Scotch Pine, White Pine, Norway Spruce, Swift Silver (Rocky Mt), Silver Tip, Fraser Fir, and White Fir just to name a few.

My Fast 3 tips to picking the PERFECT TREE

Step 1. Picking the right size Tree for you Home

The first step anyone should take before purchasing or cutting down a tree is to get an accurate measurement inside your home where you plan to set up and decorate your tree. Its important to get a height measurement and a width measurement. Most people over look this measurement. The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) recommends that you measure the height and width of the space where you plan on putting your tree. As a guideline, they also say that your allocated width should be 80 percent of the height. Knowing the size of your tree can save you a lot of money because even the 2 foot difference between a 6 foot tree compared to a 8 foot tree could mean paying a lot more.

Step 2. Deciding which Kind of Tree your after

When picking a tree it really comes down to personal preference on the tree’s color, fragrance, and the softness of the needles. If you plan on having your Christmas tree for several weeks its important to pick a species that tends to hold its needles for a long period of time.

Another important factor is how much space you would like in between your branches. Tree’s such as a Silver Tip typically have flatter branches and more space versus a Douglas Fir which is a thicker tree and has longer needles.

Think about the ornaments you plan on decorating the tree with. If you have heavy ornaments you need to look for a tree that has thicker branches to support the added weight from now until after xmas.

Step 3. Picking the healthiest long lasting tree + The Freshness Test

If you really wanna impress your family while walking around the Apple Hill Christmas tree farm do these few tricks in determining the best tree and you will most definitely be the Christmas tree expert year after year when coming back to apple hill. Oh and you will have the freshest tree around.


If you decided the tree you want is a Fir try breaking a few of the needles in half by pinching them. A healthy Fir will have green needles that break crisply like a fresh carrot.

If you decided a pine will be the perfect Christmas tree for you then a fresh pines green needles WILL NOT BREAK AT ALL.

With any Tree you decide grab one of the branches and lightly slap the branch to see the amount of dead needles that fall off. Few to no needles should fall off of a fresh healthy tree.

To make sure your tree has the perfect Christmas scent your after simply grab the end of the branch and stroke the needles toward you while taking in that fresh mountain smell. Doing this releases the oils within the needles and filling the air with that aroma we wall love about the holidays
christmastreetable2 Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree

Signs of an unhealthy tree

Musty odor, brown discoloration, excessive amount of needles falling off, and the bark may even be wrinkled or dry and falling off. If you see any of these signs pass on that tree and im sure your perfect tree in just around the corner. No one wants a Charlie Brown treecharlie brown christmas tree jpg12 Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree

Here is a video explaining my Freshness Test and just what to look for in a tree:

Here is a video explaining a few different kinds of Trees and the benefits of getting one from a farm

Choose and cut your own tree in Apple Hill

Hillside Christmas Tree Farm

My Apple Hill Experience

Me and my family have been coming to Apple Hill Christmas Tree Farms for The past 9 years to get our Christmas trees. Every year just after Thanksgiving me and my dad head out to the garage and start getting our the Christmas Decorations and start by reorganizing the house and make room for the christmas tree.

Once we get everything together at the house and finish winding down from Thanksgiving its usually sometime before the 10th of December when we head out as a family to get our tree. For the past few years we have visited Hillside Christmas Tree farm right in the Heart of Apple HIll. Hillside Tree farm is one of the most beautiful farms my family and i have ever been to. Its one of the only farms thats just a traditional tree farm in the area. Its very easy to find on any Apple Hill map. One of the main reasons my family loves coming here is that we usually spend the entire day here because of all the fun activities they have to offer. My younger brothers love to go on the Santa Train and Pony rides. My parents love coming and picking out a brand new freshly made wreath and mistletoe for our front door. (Yeah my parents believe in mistletoe) haha.

One of the first things that made Hillside Christmas Tree Farm stand out from the rest for me was that they have an entire HIllside of tree’s. Hence the name Hillside Farm… Duh. I didn’t put the two together at first. Hillside farm has something like 30 acres and nearly 30,000 tree’s to choose from!! They have sized up to 15ft or more and more kinds of tree’s then i knew existed.

Now back to Families HIllside experience… So every year when it comes to getting a tree my Mom, Dad and i always end up playing rock paper scissors for the kind of tree we are getting. I personally like the Silver Tip my mom loves the Noble Fir and my Dad loves the classic Douglas Fir so as you can imagine this turns into a fun game of row sham bow. Best 3 out of 5 haha.

Being that HIllside has so many trees and the farm is so big they make it very easy to get around because they have grass and gravel walk ways all over the farm. Once Me and my family find our tree we get it cut down shake out any possible pine needles that are hiding in the tree and we bring it up front and get FREE drinks and hang out in the picnic area as my younger brother run around with the other kids. The staff and people who work at Hillside Christmas Tree farm are very friendly. They bag our tree for us and depending on what vehicle we are driving they put it in the back of the truck for us or will help us tie it down to the roof of one of our cars.

Hopefully by reading my Hillside Christmas Tree Farm experience you have decided its the farm you wanna visit. I know you wont regret it if you do.

If you visit their website through this link you will get $10 off your tree and a FREE TRAIN RIDE on Santa’s train for a family of 4 with purchase of your beautiful tree.
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